Apr 13, 2011


Droidippy is a Diplomacy like game running on devices compatible with Android 2.2 and having at least one Google account as well as most modern web browsers (if you have a google account yourself).

Go to http://droidippy.oort.se to play right now, or go to the Android Market page to fetch it for your Android 2.2 compatible device.

If you have never played Diplomacy it could perhaps be explained as being a mix of Risk, Poker, Chess and Rock-Paper-Scissors. It was supposedly the favorite game of John Kennedy and Henry Kissinger.

If you have any problems, questions, comments, praise or complaints don't hesitate to send an email to droidippy-mod@oort.se!

If you have ideas for improvements, or other suggestions, you can also post them on the Droidippy Wishlist.

For discussion with other players, go to the Google Group Droidippy or join #droidippy@freenode.net.


  • Several simultaneous games (for premium users) with anonymous players or your friends from all over the world.
  • Keeps track of your deadline reliability, and sets you up with players of similar reliability.
  • Vector based map with zooming, panning and (in Android long-) click to enter orders.
  • Instant messaging, one on one and in a conference channel, in each game.
  • Game global help and talk chat channel.
  • Configurable (in Android) notifications when messages are sent, phases resolved and games end.
  • Browse history of games to check the performance of friend and foe alike.
  • Clearly stated orders and results in text, if the point and click interface confuses.


  • The web interface does not work in some Android devices, depending on whether their web browsers can render SVG images or not.
  • The web interface is in a beta phase and may not always work as expected or advertised.
  • Droidippy contains no explanations about the rules of the game. See http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Diplomacy/Rules for a full description of the rules.
  • Joining a game is serious business. A player that abandons a game will ruin the game for his or her fellow players. Please only join a game if you are actually interested in following it through to the end.

Here are some screenshots from the Android interface:

And here is a screenshot from the web interface:


  1. I love the Droidippy interface. You've done a bang-on job!

  2. when can my friends with unfriendly phones like IPhone play this excellent game?

    /Parkleywhen can my friends with unfriendly phones like IPhone play this excellent game?


  3. Parkley:
    Today, if they are willing to do it via the web interface (whose main purpose is to work in iOS ;)


  4. i can't zoom on the map on my Sony Ericsson xperia x8, so the map is too small, but it would be a good game

  5. Nordsmetal:
    To solve your particular problem (you are not the first) I added the option "show zoom buttons" in the preferences menu.

    Try those and tell me if it works :)

  6. Any other way to pay than over paypal? :)


  7. dw9:
    If you play via the Android app you just try to do something that would require premium service and you will get the option to pay via Android Market.

    If that doesn't suit you either send me an email at info@oort.se and we can try to find another way :)

  8. Tnx .... took a bite of the saur apple before I saw U'r post ....

    Another question ... Is it possible to play the game with less than 7 players?
    Either with standoff powers or one player plays more powers?


  9. dw9:
    No problem :)

    No, at the moment only seven player games are supported. But if you create a game yourself you are free to create a second or third Google account and invite yourself that way. Don't do that with random games though, since that would be cheating..

  10. Did you introduce some sort of point system recently?

  11. Ryan:
    Yes, in created games you are now able to select a scoring system (at the moment only c-diplo, requests for others are welcome) which will report score for each player when the game ends.

  12. Could you tell me some more about c-diplo?

  13. Ryan:
    http://tinyurl.com/7eqaspa ;)

  14. Are our scores recorded somewhere for the long term? Does the random game use c-diplo?

  15. Ryan:
    They are recorded in the results view when the game ends and will stay available there, but nowhere else.

    And no, scoring systems are optional and only in manually created games.

  16. really great app, thank you for developing this! I am new to this game and have a specific question (maybe other players can answer):

    I have experienced that sometimes when I leave a SC empty it remains mine and other times I loose it. What determines if it stays mine?

    The first case (it remains mine) I have experienced
    a) in neutral SC's and
    b) in other players HSC's when the player is eliminated and
    c) in my own HSC's of course.
    The second case (I loose it) I have experienced in
    d) a neutral SC and
    e) other players HSC, even though the player is not doing anything.

    Especially a and d should be the same result - or?

    d and e surprised me.

    If anyone need to look up the specific cases here are the references:
    a) game 4494, Romania
    b) game 4494, Triest
    c) game 4494 and 4569
    d) game 4569 Espana Fall 1901
    e) game 4494, Budapest (until A eliminated)

    thanks in advance.


  17. Jørn:
    This is all covered by the rules (http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Diplomacy/Rules) but the gist is that SCs only change owner after fall phases.

    Good luck in the game :)

  18. Thank you for a very fast answer. I am impressed!

  19. Jørn:
    No big deal, I get email when you post here :)

  20. I had a problem with my game disappearing mid game. I saw someone else had a similar problem. what should i do?

  21. traverlerwoot:
    Have you looked at the last results view of the game?

  22. I am eliminated from a game :-( no SC, no units. Thats life I suppose, cant win every time. I thought I better sign up for a new game. But the game is still on my waiting list. I know I can silence it, but how can I join a new game before this game is ower?

  23. Jørn:
    You should be able to. Games where you are eliminated or otherwise unable to play should not stop you from joining new games. Have you tried it?

  24. Yes it works! Didn't first time though, I think its like in an opera: it takes some time to die. :-) thanks!

  25. Hi. i have some doubts in GCM . can you help me out. can yu refer to some tutorial where i can connect to a localhost server and android applications

  26. gautam balu:
    Look at http://developer.android.com/guide/google/gcm/gs.html :)

  27. How does the intent selector work?

    1. http://www.oort.se/2011/08/droidippy-gameplay-faq.html#intent

  28. Hey. Everytime I try and support myself with 2 armies adjacent to each other, the first support works, but the second one always fails. It always looks to support a move??

    1. Could you paste the orders you gave when your support failed?

  29. I am so very excited by the existance of your app. I've finished 2 games and am playing a third one now. I hope to become a premium user shortly. Thanks for all your work in implementing this. It is truly wonderful.

  30. I recommend this game to everyone i know, and encourage that everyone do the same. Lets get player-base up! the first diplomacy game ive ever played was with this app, months ago, and although i havent been playing as long as the majority of diplomacy fans, i found i am actually rather good at it. Even when you lose its a blast! Cant stop playing, sincere thanks to Martin.

  31. I have 2 new units to place and 2 empty centers. But I can place a new unit only in one of them. I don't know whY!

    Somone help me!!!

    1. You can only build units in your home supply centers, ie the ones you started with.

  32. Is it possible to get this to work on the Nokia XL (android) phone? There's no google account set up, but would it be possible to log in with a google e-mail?

    1. Right now you need at least one Google Account in the phone to use the Android app.

  33. Package file was not signed correct

  34. Thanx for all your work. I haven't been able to play Diplomacy for decades as I could not find players. Now I can! I Love the Droid App and Web Interface. Keep up the great work!!!

  35. Haven't played diplomacy for the last 20 years until I find your great app !
    Problem is I managed to fail every convoy so far because of invalid order (shame on me !)
    Does someone would give an exemple of a proper convoy or confirm me if the orders I'be just found on this guide are correct for droidippy : http://www.playdiplomacy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=321&t=21708
    Thank you

  36. Hello guys,

    if a game has finished a longer period of time ago but is still avaiable on my "all games" screen, is there a easy way how to find out who the game won or who the draw powers were, or have I to count the support centers?


  37. Wonderful app -- VERY well done. But -- A question about how the stats page counts a "win." I played a complete game, gained 18 centers as France, and the game immediately declared a win for me and categorized the game on my screen as "Finished Game."

    BUT - When I check my "Stats" on Droidippy, I properly show a +69 for reliability (I'm in two other games also), but still show "0" for wins. If I go into the section where it recounts the result of individual games, it also shows that France was declared the winner -- but nothing on my stats.

    I'm sure it's something I am doing wrong or that I don't understand how the "win" stats are counted -- but I would appreciate an explanation from someone so I can understand how the system works.

    1. Was it an invitational game? They don't count for the statistics. Only the Rel 10 games. The 1908 games have a separate statistic category since they're scored using the c-diplo system.

  38. if a game has finished a longer period of time ago but is still avaiable on my "all games" screen, is there a easy way how to find out who the game won or who the draw powers were,
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